Greenhance is a Swiss company specialized in development and implementation of comprehensive turn-key projects all over Europe.

Our core business includes: landscape architecture, gardening and landscaping, as well as maintenance services. Our focus area: private gardens, roof terraces, business parks.

Our team members represent the Swiss and the German engineering schools.
Greenhance is a team of talented and ambitious professionals with long working experience and strong diverified skills. We are a stable team composed of carefully selected experts whose expertise had been proved in the most complex projects.

Our clients choose us because we maintain high European quality standarts. And what is more, we abide by the concepts that drew us together:

  • proficiency of design and implementation of elaborate solutions ranging from particular details to complete forms;
  • exceptional accuracy and project progress control;
  • adherence to contract perfomance terms;
  • high operational efficiency and capability of resource mobilization to adress non-standart tasks;
  • provision of services to the most sophisti.

We focus on accuracy of projects implementation, observance of contractual liabilities, profound knowledge of state-of-the-art materials, elements and advanced construction technology.
Each project for us is an opportunity to create a unique solution integrated into the genuine project environment and designed according to specific customer wishes.