Private garden
  • LOCATION:Russia
Private residence, a total area of 4 hectares, 30 km from St. Petersburg. The site is spread out on a hilly area surrounded by a pine forest. All structures are made of large-diameter wooden logs and are best blended into the forest landscape.
The concept of the garden comes from the architecture of the buildings and the peculiarities of the natural surroundings. The main idea of the landscape was to create a garden in a modern style, while maintaining the elements typical of woods in the area.

The site consists of two main areas:

1- interior area, located on the north side of the house. It is a landscaped area, connecting between the main house, garage, sports complex, guest house and technical building. This part of the garden has a separate entrance for the owners of the residence and selected guests.

2 - park area - the area south of the main house. It is located below the first zone, which allows it to be separated and provide wonderful views from the house to the pond and forest. This area includes a pavilion with a summer kitchen and a field for celebrations, pond with a waterfall, golf course, playground, helipad and walking trails with areas for quiet relaxation. In this part of the garden as much as possible preserved forest landscape and existing topography. Recreation areas are designed in a natural style, and for the paving of paths is envisaged to use a soft backfill and slabs of natural stone.

A separate entrance leads to the lower park, which is designed for large numbers of guests arriving for special events. Entering the site from the guest entrance, you immediately have a view of the house. The beautiful view is framed by an alley of multi-stemmed deciduous trees.

The central element of the park area is a pond. It consists of two parts, united between the overflow, over which passes the bridge, made in the style of architecture of the houses. The left part of the reservoir is deeper and is intended for fish breeding. There is also a cascade rock with an observation deck on top. Inside the rock, technical rooms are hidden. The right side of the pond is decorated with an island, which can be reached by boat.
A significant area of the park zone is occupied by the golf course, which we have tried to fit into the existing woodland as much as possible.