Objet d'art «The garden in the egg»
  • SCOPE:Objet d'Art at the Moscow Flower Show 2017 festival of gardens and flowers
  • LOCATION:Moscow, Russia
When the last tree is cut, when the last river gets contaminated, when the last bird is caught, - not until then will you understand that you cannot eat the money. (Native American proverb).

The garden concept coincides with the Year of Ecology in Russia. The core element of the garden is the egg, a symbol of the new life birth. Its shell protects a living organism from the external world aggression.
In our project the Nature itself acts as a living creature to be protected.  It is symbolized by the water spring in the form of a tree placed in the middle of the egg. The tree is visible only when the petals open up. When it is open a fresh water mist is flowing from the inside and a nice music is being played.

The fountain-tree is surrounded by the plants covering all the internal surfaces of the petals. The entire facility is placed on the black stone ground creating a feel of a bare barren land.  When opened, the egg transforms into a flower playing rich colors amidst a sombre desert.