Exhibition garden «A river runs through it»
  • SCOPE:Exhibition garden at the Moscow International Garden and Flowers Festival
  • LOCATION:Moscow, Russia
Grey-green color palette, the sound of falling water, birds chirping, -  all these make it feel calm and free. Each 'spectator' stepping on a small green island  of our garden finds himself in a totally different universe and atmosphere. It feels beyond the time where one can get a moment for oneself and the nature and forget about the bustle of the city monotony. The theme for the Moscow Flower Show that year was the Cinema, so we decided to refer to the same-name film by Robert Redford. 

The concept of the garden inspired by this film occurred to us all of the sudden. That is a story about the brothers living in the scenic mountains of Montana at the brink of the World War I. We did not reconstruct the film scenery, rather its atmosphere. That very feel of unhurried fascination of closeness to the nature. The river flow, just like the time, does not slow down. The river in the film is an express character, perhaps, the leading one.  

There is such a river in the life of everyone, and a small gazebo on its banks is our cozy world kept in the heart where the time seems to get suspended for a little while.