Private garden
  • LOCATION:Russia
“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” ― © Loren Eiseley «The immense Journey», 1957.

Extensive area of the water basin washing the shores of the designed private estate is the layout dominant.  All subordinated details and spaces are bound to the surrounding water surface, - from the buildings down to the road network with lounge areas.  Flowing lines of trimmed shrubs imitate the shape of waves. Forming a parkway, rich foliage of crack willows merges crown to crown like gigantic water drops and creates a feel of continuous motion. Fluent curves of pathways, irregular shore line, rhythmical perennial planting that covers spaces between the existing tree plantations like a sheer carpet, - all this presents accentuated dynamism of the composition coming from the ultimate feature of water – to flow and to change.

Antithesis of cold fluidity of water is warm bicker of campfire. That is why two lounge areas by the fire are set on the shore. The fire naturally contrasts with the water and adds on its quantum of warmth and homely comfort to cool fluid magic of the ambience. Sitting by the fire and listening to quiet charcoal crackling make one relax and contemplate over infinity while watching spurts of flame reflections in water multiply and fill the rich palette of flecks on the water mirror with magic. And there is nothing to exceed the delight of watching water flow, flames dance or distant stars twinkle.