Private roof garden
  • LOCATION:Russia
Everyone knows the phrase "The simpler the mechanism, the better it works." Indeed, this idea has become so close to man that he often finds special beauty and grace in the concise forms of the surrounding space. But creating a garden that functions with a minimum of constituent elements is not easy. Nevertheless, this is our signature style, and designing the terrace in Yakimanka we first of all relied on its fundamental principles.

Minimalism in a garden starts with the borders. In our case they are also functional in that they protect the garden from the wind. We chose glass as the fence. Framing the perimeter of the garden, it does not separate it from the surrounding landscape, opening up a picturesque view. But it maintains the coziness of the internal space.
The organization of the space itself is also fundamental. The design brief was to place the following areas on the site: a children's playground, a recreation area, and a dining area. By organizing the space in the form of a studio, we divided these zones by a level difference. Each area was elevated and separated from the others by vegetation or gravel. All of the transitions between areas are made of large slabs of natural stone.
At the heart of the garden is an art gazebo. It seems to stand in the middle of a rectangular pond, symbolized by the white gravel backfill. The shape and transparent walls of the gazebo fit perfectly into the surrounding landscape, echoing the fence and the configuration of the garden.

A highlight is and transformable space that appeared in the playground: so open part of the decorative wall, you can find specially hidden there children's climbing wall and equipment to it.

Garden style is reflected in the selection of vegetation. The rectangular sheared forms of yew trees echo the facade of the house and the structure of the terrace, and planted perennials help soften the geometry of the style, bringing a sense of comfort. Three umbrella yews serve as accents and attract the eye primarily with their unusual shape without disturbing the harmony of the soft color. As a result, we can present you with a garden which, with a minimal set of components, is a single complete harmonious space."